Infrastructure Management Services

Goals & Objectives
  • Improve IT infrastructure reliability, ensure higher availability, security and optimization of IT infrastructure.
  • Rationalization of Network and System services.
  • Improve end user support & enhance end user satisfaction.
  • Establish a team framework with multiple vendors to work co- operatively.
Service Offering
  • Server and Workstation Management: To provide all the management support needed through the Server and PC lifecycle.
  • Network Management: To ensure optimal availability of shared IT resources and consistent network control.
  • Security Management: To provide information security, confidentiality and Integrity.
  • Email Management: To ensure seamless integration of communication process.
  • Asset Management: To build and maintain a comprehensive database of available IT resources with the customer.
  • Vendor Management: To provide a single point of contact for interacting with various IT vendors.
Server and Workstation Management
Having a standardized system is critical to the effectiveness of any IT infrastructure. Our Server and PC Management service can fulfill this need by creating consistent and standardized system environment.
We provide a comprehensive Servers and Workstation administration and management solution that address managing existing servers and workstations across the enterprise, support upgrades of new or existing Servers/Workstations, including software, operating system upgrades, data backups, software updates, security patches, and service packs etc.

We also provide all the support needed through the Server and Workstation lifecycle –from configuring new servers, Workstations s, laptops to fault identification, fault notification and problem resolution.

Network Management
Networks are multiplying day by day in every organization. Systems are becoming more & more dependent on the availability of data resources of various departments / divisions /location of an organization and thereby increasing the load and requirements of networks. The known networked applications such as email, Internet/Intranet, groupware solution, relation database render the users completely in -effective in the event of network shutdown.
Network management involves network monitoring of bandwidth utilization, network error/collisions, network troubleshooting, day-to-day network operations, network performance monitoring, tuning network operating system and advice action plan.

Network service offering
  • Liaison with networking hardware support provider for all hardware related problems.
  • Use special software tools for monitoring the port/network traffic and take appropriate action or recommend preventive action.
  • Co-ordinate with cabling warranty providers for repairs of faulty points/cables and other related issues.
  • Setup LAN switches, routers, firewalls etc.
  • Monitor LAN and Internet connections.
Security Management
We provide managed security service by designing and deploying the security policies, with a complete range of authentication and authorization tools, firewall products, virtual private network solutions, anti-virus protection, and network scanning and intrusion detection systems.
Information security is concerned with three main areas:
  • Confidentiality - information should be available only to those who rightfully have access to it.
  • Integrity - information should be modified only by those who are authorized to do so.
  • Availability - information should be accessible to those who need it when they need it. We can define and implement the information security to take care for entire network.
Email Management
This involves assessing current messaging infrastructure, understanding current and future messaging needs, and formulates a messaging strategy and solution design to meet growing business needs.
We provide mail integration services. This includes deployment, planning and execution, including client installation and linking business units and extending a company globally.

Our email management system ensures smooth functioning of the email system and constitute a wide-array of features that includes
  • Management of Internet and Intranet mail system
  • Administration of mail servers
  • Implementation of mail policies
  • User account and mail box management
  • Monitor mail traffic and disk space usage
Asset Management
We will establish a process to maintain the database of all IT assets (Hardware and software licenses). The database will contain relevant information including asset location, manufacturer, specification, model and serial number.

The processes will includes periodic physical inventory recording changes includes asset movements and up-gradation and warranty and maintenance contract validity information.
  • Includes H/W-servers / desktops / printers / network equipment / communication equipment.
  • Includes Software – licenses / media.
  • Ensure that the asset database is always kept updated.
  • Report any software licensing violation.
  • Create H/W asset database by recording information like details / sr. nos / asset code etc.
  • Manage software licenses.
  • Record all installation of new PCs / movement within site / location, changes in configuration of machines.
Vendor Management
This service is designed with the broad objective of managing the interaction between the customer and various IT vendors. It ensures that vendors adhere to SLAs and solves all vendor related problems with total effectiveness.
  • Maintain database of the vendors with details like contact person, tel. nos. etc.
  • Co-ordinate with vendors and get problems resolved.
  • Ensure vendors respond to and resolve the problems within time stipulated in their contract entered with the customer.


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