Hosted E-mail Protection

Hosted Email Protection Service: Netrix provides hosted Anti-Spam Service giving you freedom from the unwanted spam mails.

Netrix Uses renowned mailfoundry software for email protection. This is a fully managed service provided by NETRIX to the customer.

What Is It
It's simple, really. MailFoundry Hosted email protection is complete email security for your business without the hassles of hardware or software purchase and installation.
  • Easy Setup
  • Simple Administration
  • 99% Spam Filtering
  • 100% Virus Filtering
How It Works
MailFoundry Hosted Email Security works by routing your email (MX records) to our network data centers where we clean your email and then pass it on to your email server. It's really simple and easy to setup, and we are available to assist you if needed.

Works With Your Domain Name
The only requirement for MailFoundry Hosted Anti-Spam is that you have your own domain name.


‘’Outsource your IT infrastructure Management to NETRIX while you focus on managing your business.’’


“SaaS form NETRIX the faster and a cost effective way to getting technology implemented.”