Hosted SharePoint

The cost of SharePoint 2010 servers, data security and technical talent can be painful in times when expenses are running wild and budget cuts are common. Some I.T. teams spend as much as half of their day fixing & managing servers, monopolizing valuable resources needed to innovate.

Hosting SharePoint 2010 saves you money.
With our managed SharePoint hosting services, you’ll never have to implement, update, troubleshoot, patch monitor, administer or worry about IT again. Any of our SharePoint 2010 server hosting plans can help you get off the server spending treadmill and save you up to 60% compared to on-premise SharePoint deployments

Hosted SharePoint Services
Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) is the answer for collaboration at your large or small business, your home.
It’s a friendly office tool that’s secure and flexible. Use it for file storage, online photo albums, a wiki, an intranet site, a place to store documents, or whatever. With Windows SharePoint Services, you can even share photos, share files, share calendars, share ideas…

SharePoint Task, Calendar & Contact Management
SharePoint Hosting services allow you to manage your time more effectively by coordinating your personal and team activities. Synchronize your team’s calendar with a single click in Microsoft Outlook. View your personal and team activities side-by-side in your Windows SharePoint Services calendar.

SharePoint Team Portal for your Virtual Office
Whether overseas or over the cubicle, your team can use SharePoint Hosting as one centralized spot to work, meet and share. Keep track of all of your team’s projects and information through a single interface. Hosted SharePoint makes team collaboration easy, secure and engaging.

Secure Groupware Functionality and More
Get SharePoint Hosting from today to experience the ultimate groupware tool that lets you communicate securely, share documents easily and collaborate effectively. Hosted SharePoint is perfect for a family of five wanting to share photo albums or for a company of five thousand who want to share a secure intranet. Get started in seconds.

No software to install, no technical expertise necessary.
With Windows SharePoint Services hosting, there is no software to install, no servers to configure or maintain. No more ftp sites or shared network drives. E-mail discussions and on-site meetings that go on for days are a thing of the past. SharePoint hosting enables you to work smarter and save time for life.


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